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Stealth Batwing Fairings


   To create our Stealth Batwing Fairing Kit, we use the labor intensive process of hand laying fiberglass.  Fiberglass is made by first combining resin with woven glass mat that is then hand laid and sculpted into the desired shape.  Afterwards, the product is either covered with a primer or sealed with a protective gelcoat.  Reviews show that fiberglass is not only more durable than the ABS plastic many of our competitors use, but is also easier to repair.  

   Many of our competitors also merely cover their fairings with primer.  Using a compound similar to that which is used on countless aircraft, we seal ours with a protective gelcoat.  In addition to providing a high-quality gloss finish to fiberglass, gelcoat also aids in its resistance to impact and ultra violet degradation caused by exposure to sunlight.  Given these properties of gelcoat, it is a fair assessment that what is good enough for aircraft is great for motorcycles.

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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