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Car Tow Dolly


If you travel with a recreational vehicle (RV), then you might want to bring a smaller vehicle along to make getting around and checking out the local sights easier. Which towing option should you choose though—a flatbed trailer, a tow bar, or a car tow dolly? After reading countless reviews, the decision can seem overwhelming. But is it really?

A car tow dolly is easier to load and easier to store than a flatbed trailer. Using a tow bar adds miles to the towed vehicle’s odometer, but using a tow dolly does not. And unlike tow bars and flatbed trailers, most car tow dollies are equipped with brakes. So when presented with these insights, the choice is not so hard. In fact, it’s easy.

Featuring adjustable loading ramps, hydraulic surge brakes, and a stand-and-store™ design, we introduce, EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly™, the clear choice for RVers who want to bring along a second vehicle.

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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