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Car Tow Dolly


Making it easier

If you travel with a recreational vehicle (RV), then you might want to bring a smaller vehicle along. It makes getting around and checking out the local sights much easier. Which towing option should you choose though: a flatbed trailer, tow bar, or car tow dolly? After reading countless reviews, the decision can seem overwhelming. But is it really?

Not that hard

A car tow dolly (also known as RV tow dolly or trailer tow dolly) is easier to load and easier to store than a flatbed trailer. Using a tow bar adds miles to the towed vehicle’s odometer, but using a tow dolly does not. And unlike tow bars and flatbed trailers, many car tow dollies are equipped with brakes. So, when presented with these insights, the choice is not hard. It’s easy—so easy that we offer four fantastic brands of RV tow dollies: Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly™, Premiere Car Tow Dolly™, EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly™, and Stow -and- GO Folding Tow Dolly™.

Back to basics

The heavy-duty Tow Max features a locking safety collar, tilting wheel pan, and nylon tire nets*. Premiere is designed with similar features, but eye-popping diamond tread plate fitted to its high-gloss frame makes this dolly a head-turner. Hard-wearing spindles, cast hubs, and 14" wheels provide a solid foundation for both trailers and instill driver confidence when towing a vehicle-combination on the open road. And for those states that require electric brakes, Tow Max and Premiere are both compatible with them.

Extraordinary features

If economy of space is important, then Stow -and- GO Folding Tow Dolly, EZ-Haul Stand Up Idler Car Tow Dolly, and EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly with hydraulic disc brakes are your best dolly choices. Stow -and- GO’s unique design provides a space-saving solution by allowing the user to reduce the trailer’s length from 132.5" to 72" by simply folding the trailer’s tongue and ramps. Security chains and high-performance nylon tire straps are standard on both Stow -and- GO offerings: galvanized steel and high-gloss black with diamond tread plate.

And with EZ-Haul’s extraordinary stand-and-store™ feature, this dolly can be parked upright in a garage, driveway, or RV lot. Both EZ-Haul Stand Up Idler Car Tow Dolly and EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly with hydraulic disc brakes come with adjustable and detachable ramps, security chains, and nylon wheel straps*.

Stringent standards

Each car tow dolly for sale at The USA Trailer Store is built to meet our stringent standards of construction. This means heavy-duty steel frames, responsive tires, and world-class components. As a result, each trailer is capable of hauling cars, trucks, and SUVs with curb weights up to 5,000 lb.

Your needs

Take time to review the descriptions and specifications for each trailer and choose the one that fits your lifestyle and travel needs. We’re here to help.


*The supplied tire nets (wheel straps) are universal. They will fit most standard wheels measuring 14" to 17". The dolly will accommodate larger wheels, but this will require different straps—not included.

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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