How to pull a trailer?

Contrary to what many people believe, pulling a trailer is relatively easy. The hitch on your motorcycle should always be sturdy and connected to at least 4 points on the bike. Regarding the height of hitch, it should be at hub-level of the rear wheel. The distance between the hitch and the rear wheel should permit the rear wheel to move down and up without any impediments. But make sure it’s not a great distance from the hub. If you follow this, you will be able to pull a trailer quite easily with your motorcycle.

How not to pull a trailer?

The hitch should be connected to at least four points of your motorcycle. For obvious reasons, hitches should not be connected to drive shafts, shock absorbers, swing arms, and suspension components. Absolutely no movement should be present on the hitch.

Which trailer is best for the 1st time trailer puller?

There are numerous of trailers on the market at the moment. Although having a variety of options to choose from is great, it can become a bit of a challenge choosing the one that is the best option. The trailers that have the best designs utilize high speed bearings in each wheel and the largest tire height that is possible. The tires of the trailer should be compliant and soft in order to not cause any type of damage to lawns and to go hand-in-hand with highway riding. 

Trailers come in different sizes and shapes. The adequate trailer for your motorcycle should contain several features. It should contain a hitch assembly that is rated at a meaningful value that is higher than the total weight of trailer. The trailer should contain an axle with a tongue length of 1-3. A trailer tongue that is significantly shorter will not adequately function behind the motorcycle--and cornering issues might arise with longer trailer tongue. There should be sufficient overhang to the end of the trailer of the cargo spot in order for proper loading to take place. Make sure that the overhang is not so great, as you don’t want it to drag the curb when you are leaving a store.

Tips for pull behind motorcycle trailer beginners:

Tip #1

By looking into your manual--figure out the complete allowance of weight of your motorcycle. Integrate weight of all gear on the bike, including riders and passengers.

Tip #2

It is important that you remember that the weight of the rider, motorcycle, and trailer is still going come to a halt by the same brakes and will be speeded by the same drive train. The components of your motorcycle might wear faster depending on the trailer you choose. Tires and brakes might be one of these components that can get affected by this matter. Of course, it will take a long time in order for any issues to arise. To prevent this matter from happening, proper loading is a must. Loading is the most important part of trailering, as it’s what is going to affect every other area of the handling of your motorcycle. Load it once, load it right.

Tip #3

Make sure to be as straight as possible when stopping and staring out a trailer. The level of difference at the hitch between your motorcycle and trailer is what’s going to create side force when your motorcycle begins to progress. The resistance to moving the trailer will basically pull the motorcycle over in the route the trailer is currently at.

The Do's and Don’ts of pulling a trailer with your motorcycle

Do Utilize Safety Chains

Before pulling a trailer with your motorcycle DO utilize safety chains. Although a great percentage of riders prefer that their trailer breaks free if an accident takes place,this can hurt someone; therefore, a lot of states require the use of cables or safety chains. Preform a “drop test” and see what will happen if your hitch fails. Does your trailer tongue hit the ground? Your chains are too long.

Do Trailer Inspection

DO inspection of trailer, especially if you have been using it for a while, as tires and bearings fail from time to time no matter how costly your trailer was.

Don’t Turn Fast

DON’T conduct very fast turns, as you want everything to flow nicely with your trailer.

DON’T purchase trailers that are made of low quality just because they are being sold at cheap price, as it might cost you more expensive in the long run because you will have to be taking care of their maintenance quite often.