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Motorcycle Camper Trailers


Camping is “the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper.” And whether you do it in a National Park, a campground, or even a bike rally, you’ve got a lot of company.  With approximately 40 million Americans participating in the pastime annually, camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the country. As you can imagine, with that many people involved, there are lots of variations and styles of camping out, such as tent camping, cabin camping, and car and motorcycle camping.  In 2015, Americans spent an estimated 5.8 billion dollars on campgrounds and recreational vehicle (RV) Parks and purchased over 2.5 billion dollars of camping equipment, according to Statista.com.

From teardrop to rooftop with a lot in between

Americans obviously enjoy camping, and what may not be a surprise either are their favored modes of transportation: With far more frequency than they do by hiking, canoeing, or kayaking, Americans prefer to arrive at their campsites by riding on two or four wheels—which helps explain the abundance of options available to bikers and auto owners.  Just conduct an internet search, and you will find an enormous variety of car and motorcycle campers for sale ranging from tailgate and rooftop tents specifically made for cars, trucks, and SUVs to teardrop and pop up trailers for both motorcycles and cars.  At The USA Trailer Store, our primary focus for camping is on pull behind trailers for motorcycles.

Clamshell camper trailers and platform camper trailers

Within the motorcycle camping trailer category, there are clamshell camper trailers and platform camper trailers.  Typically, when a clamshell is opened, tent fabric that is attached to its top and bottom halves, and a small mattress, which is placed in the trailer bed, provides shelter. In contrast, once a platform camper is opened, the tent is pitched on its floor.  These trailers are generally larger than clamshells and can accommodate a larger bed, such as a king or queen-size air mattress.   

Both types of trailers are designed with a low profile to reduce wind resistance when pulled behind a motorcycle, small car, or SUV.   Some motorcycle tent camper trailers also double as cargo trailers while in tow.

Camper Trailers of a Lifetime

If you’re looking for some peace, you’ll find it here.  Designed to be pulled behind a motorcycle (or small car), Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer™ converts from a 23 cu. ft. closed cargo box into a 72 sq. ft. sanctuary. This sizeable tent trailer with 6'7" ceiling has enough room for a full or queen sized mattress, a table, and a couple of chairs. The deluxe model comes with an AC port and stand, a cooler package, and 8" wheels. For additional tranquility, consider adding the 72 sq. ft. screen room to the already spacious sleeper trailer.

Always receiving great reviews, Solace is our bestselling motorcycle camper.  Tim writes on our website, “The camper is easy to set up by one person, two people would be even faster. Great quality materials used in construction of this camper.”  

Double Duty Utility Camper™ has been called “the Trailer of a Lifetime.” As its name implies, this versatile hauler is both an open utility trailer and a camping tent trailer. Designed to be towed by a car or SUV, it is equipped with two detachable ramps that allow for easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles, or even generators. After finding your perfect camping spot, the trailer floor and side walls are used as platforms onto which its weather resistant tent is pitched. Once set up, your 81 sq. ft. retreat has a 7' ceiling and enough space to sleep up to six people.  

With all that space, it is no surprise that Double Duty is a people pleaser.  In a review on our website, David D. writes, “We are extremely pleased with our purchase and particularly impressed with the high quality and durability of the tent and trailer…. The USA Trailer Store staff were very helpful and evidently proud of their product.”

Great prices

Understandably, most people are looking for great quality motorcycle trailers at prices that are as equally great.  Good deals can sometimes be found on digital classified sites like Craigslist. But, the trailers you find there are most likely used without any guarantee of quality.  Plus, your purchase is even less likely to be covered by a warranty.  This is not the case when you shop with us.  As we sell directly to you without a middleman, we are able to provide you with brand new, high-quality trailers at the lowest prices online.  In a review, W.L. Page writes, “This is the third trailer I have purchased [from The USA Trailer Store].... I always shop prices and this was the best price by far.”  

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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