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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers


We offer a variety of high quality pull behind trailers suited to meet your traveling needs. Our aluminum pull behind trailers are lightweight, durable, and affordable. Our Lumina series offers trailer options of 14 or 18 cubic feet of storage, and are available in full diamond plate or diamond plate with aluminum sides that are painted with a sleek black finish.

Our fiberglass pull behind trailers are made of hand laid fiberglass and sit low to the ground to provide better handling. All of our fiberglass trailers provide stylish designs and can be easily painted to match your motorcycle.

Our motorcycle camping trailers are a spacious home away from home. Our Solace Motorcycle Trailer has approximately 16 cubic feet of usable storage space while in the travel position, and expands from 19 square feet in the closed travel position to 72 square feet in the open camping position with an impressive 6'7" ceiling. Our Double Duty Utility Camping Trailer is a versatile trailer that performs as a utility trailer and camper trailer. Within minutes, the weather-resistant denier tent becomes a 7’ high, 81 square foot home away from home that sleeps six people with front and rear doorways and eight large windows! 

Take a look at what we have for sale and get on the road today!

Below you will find general descriptions of the most common types of motorcycle trailers: cargo, open or utility trailers, and camping.  We are providing this information with the hope that it will help you make an informed decision about the type of trailer(s) you need.

Cargo trailers  

As there is little storage space on most standard bikes, having a place to put luggage and gear is a necessity when considering long trips or running certain errands.  Motorcycle cargo trailers satisfy these needs.  The most popular two-wheeled models on the market are constructed of aluminum or fiberglass and are designed with a low profile and a narrow wheel base so that they handle well behind a motorcycle.

Open or utility trailer

Motorcycle utility trailers are uncovered, single-axle, flatbed trailers.  As they are made to be pulled behind a motorcycle, they are much smaller and lighter than their full-size counterparts which must be towed by large SUVs or pickup trucks.  Versatility is one of the great benefits of the open trailer.  Cargo can be enclosed in a bag and secured to the trailer’s deck or to its guard rails if equipped with them.     

Motorcycle camping trailers

Within the motorcycle camping trailer category, there are clamshell camper trailers and platform camper trailers.  Typically, when a clamshell is opened, tent fabric that is attached to its top and bottom halves, and a small mattress, which is placed in the trailer bed, provide shelter for a single occupant. In contrast, once a platform camper is opened, the tent is pitched on its floor.  These trailers are generally larger than clamshells and can accommodate a larger bed, such as a king or queen-size air mattress.  As a result, they can house more than one person. 

Both types of trailers are designed with a low profile to reduce wind resistance when pulled behind a motorcycle, small car, or SUV.   Some motorcycle tent camper trailers also double as cargo trailers while in tow. 

And they’re not just for motorcycles!

What do you get when you combine an economical, small car with a lightweight, easy to handle, roomy but mini trailer? You get the perfect vehicle for a long weekend, moving day, or just your average trip to Costco.

You don’t have to own a huge SUV and drive that enormous gas eater all over town just so you have room for the camping gear or luggage. Add a trailer that gives you the extra cargo space you need when you need it and looks great doing it.

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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