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Motorcycle Trailers


Would you trust an unskilled biker to ride your prized Harley Davidson, Goldwing, or adventure bike across the country?

Your likely answer is "no." Chances are you wouldn't let them ride it across a parking lot let alone from one city to another. That honor, would most likely be bestowed upon a quality rider: someone with stamina, good bike handling skills, and versatility and know-how. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, that rider would be someone you trust.

So, when you chose a hauler or trailer to tow your motorcycles, shouldn't it also possess some of those same traits? Shouldn't it be well-built to have the stamina to endure the miles, the weather, and the weight of the bike or bikes? Shouldn't it allow the tow vehicle to be as responsive as if towing nothing at all? Shouldn't it be versatile enough to accommodate sport bikes, dirt bikes, and cruisers? And shouldn't it be purchased from a company you trust? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your next trailer should be one you choose from The USA Trailer Store.

Motorcycle Haulers

Our hauler offerings include The Dandy Hauler and The Original Slick Wheelie. Although not conventional trailers, these easy-to-use wheelless carriages are great economical alternatives for motorcycle enthusiasts who only transport one bike at a time or who have little to no storage space. Simply attach either hauler to a tow vehicle with a Class II or Class III 2" receiver. Then, elevate and secure the front wheel with ratchet straps. The rear wheel remains on the ground while in tow. When your tow is complete, Dandy Hauler can be stowed behind the seat of pick-up, and Slick Wheelie easily fits in a trunk.

Slick Wheelie accepts front tires up to 5 1/2 inches in width - 6 inches, if the psi is reduced. There are no tire size restrictions with the Dandy Hauler.

Motorcycle Trailers

If your preference is for something burlier, then choose from our selection of full-size options: Ace Single Motorcycle Trailer, Alpha Sport Single Folding Motorcycle Trailer, and Trinity MT3- a 3 Rail Motorcycle Trailer. All are equipped with integrated chocks, outriggers, and loading ramps. All are built to accommodate a wide range of tire widths. And all fold for easy storage. So, one of them is sure to meet your needs.


Recipients of numerous five-star reviews, our diverse selection of haulers and trailers are constructed of high-quality steel and finished with a rust-resistant powder coat. This winning combination creates frames that are durable enough to withstand the demands of both weather and road and strong enough to support the weight of one, two, or three motorcycles weighing up to 2000 lb.* With our premium trailers, Trinity and Alpha Sport, we go one step further and add aluminum tread plate. Doing so creates rust and slip resistant decks which help make loading and unloading motorcycles a stress free process.


Two aluminum wheels and high-quality tires are attached to a robust axle making our folding motorcycle trailers both stable and responsive. In laboratory testing, forged aluminum wheels were found to be five times stronger than their steel counterparts. Although stronger, the metal is substantially lighter than steel. The result is a wheel that is easier to maneuver on the open road. The impact of high-quality tires is simple: They improve traction and allow for a smoother ride. Together, these three elements provide maximal stability. This is especially true of Trinity and Alpha Sport which are appointed with torsion axles making for an even better towing experience.


Judging by the popularity of Sturgis and Daytona, in addition to dirt bike events like High Desert 250 Dual Sport and Brokeback Mountain Enduro, it's fairly safe to say that bikers are a diverse bunch. So with that in mind, we built our haulers and trailers with wide channel rails and integrated wheel chocks to accommodate a variety of motorcycles. From cruisers and trikes to touring and sport bikes and all the dirt bikes and dual sports in between, our trailers can carry motorcycles with maximum lengths between 98" and 106"**. What's more, on Trinity, the rails are removable and can be configured to accommodate various combinations of bikes, or they can be removed all together to transport an ATV, extra gear, or whatever else you need.

Built on Trust

With Americans riding millions of motorcycles, it is no surprise that there are countless trailers for sale on digital classified sites such as Craigslist and Letgo at seemingly good prices. But what do you know about the sellers, or the quality of the trailers? Can you trust them?

Trust is why there are so many of our trailers on the road today.

When you shop with us, you know what you get: brand new high-quality trailers, the best prices online, and five-star customer service. Here's what Jim H. says about us in an online review. He writes, "The USA Trailer store was great to deal with." And Michael X adds, "…high quality construction! I would recommend this company to anyone!"

*Depending on the hauler or trailer

**Depending on the trailer

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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