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The Dandy Motorcycle Hauler

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*Free Shipping* Times are hard and they seem to be getting harder. But in order to keep our sanity, we've got to keep fun in our lives and remain practical. The USA Trailer Store's got you cove…
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Times are hard and they seem to be getting harder. But in order to keep our sanity, we've got to keep fun in our lives and remain practical.

The USA Trailer Store's got you covered! We've added yet another budget-friendly product to our line of high-quality, low-cost transportation delights that let you have fun with family and friends and still have money in your pockets.

We offer you the Dandy Hauler! It's just your basic no frills motorcycle hauler that gets the job done!

Here's what you do:

  • Simply attach the Dandy Hauler to any 2" Class II or Class III receiver*.
  • Using a ramp or 2"x6" piece of lumber, roll your motorcycle onto the Dandy Hauler's v-shaped tire cradles, strap it down, and go! Go wherever you like - Daytona, Myrtle, Moab...


  • Construction: 1/4" Powder-Coated Steel
  • Weight: 26lbs with tie-down bar (21lbs without)
  • Hauler Dimensions: 30"(L) x 2"(W) x 20"(H)
  • Tie-Down Bar Dimensions: 36"(L) X 2"(W) x 1"(H)
  • Acommodates tires sized: All Sizes 
  • 1 yr Warranty


There's no heavy trailer to pull, repair, or register. It's so small that it stores behind your seat or in the trunk, and even better... when you or a friend needs a tow to the shop, you have your Dandy handy! 

Do I need lights on my motorcycle when towing with the Dandy Hauler?

Research indicates that because the Dandy Hauler is not a traditional trailer and the towing automobile's lights are not obstructed, additional lights are not needed. For safety, however, we offer two suggestions:

  1. When driving at night, illuminate the motorcycle's running lights or purchase an inexpensive trailer lighting kit. These kits easily plug into your trailer lighting receptacle.
  2. Check with your local law enforcement agency for regulations specific to your location (Laws sometimes change without the knowledge of some citizens.)

Will this type of towing affect my odometer reading?

Most odometers function in conjunction with the front tire. Because the front tire is elevated while in tow, the odometer does not register any additional mileage. That being said, there are exceptions to any rule, so please refer to your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer with regards to your bike.

What kind of bike can be used with the Dandy Hauler?

Most 2 wheeled motorcycles can easily be towed with the Dandy Hauler. Trikes and side cars do not allow for the lean necessary for turning. There are 3 minimum requirements:

  1. The front tire must allow for a strap to wrap around the rim, so there needs to be an opening.
  2. The stabilizer straps must be able to attach to the handlebars or upper triple-tree - not the forks.
  3. Custom raked front ends can not extend more than 3 or 4 inches over the original stock lengths.

Can it be used with a motorcycle that has fairings or wind effects?

Although wind effects and fairings can sometimes hinder the attachment of the stabilizer straps to the motorcycle, more often than not, a point of anchor can be found. Remember that the straps need either attach to the upper triple-tree or handle bars. Do NOT attach the straps to the forks.

What is the weight capacity for the Dandy Hauler?

1000 pounds

Is there a particular bumper height that works best with the Dandy Hauler?

The bumper of the tow vehicle must measure 12'' - 16'' in height from the ground to the center of the receiver opening. If it does not, a drop receiver extension can be used.

Using the Dandy Hauler, can I transport my shaft-driven motorcycle?

We have not received any reports from our consumers with regards to any problems associated with the Dandy Hauler and shaft-driven motorcycles. But know that some shaft-driven motorcycles use a lubrication pump that requires that the motor be running in order for it to work properly. Should you have any doubt or concern about your specific model, please contact your motorcycle manufacturer, authorized mechanic or dealer.

Will my motorcycle be damaged if I don't remove the drive chain before towing?

As with any engine concern, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact the service department of your bike specific dealership.

Can I purchase more than one Dandy Hauler?

Absolutely! Buy two or three. The Dandy Hauler makes an AWESOME gift!

  • Dandy Hauler 4

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 6th 2022

    worked like a charm - only negative is the stabilizer bar was a bit loose (wiggled back and forth a bit) even though the bolt holding it was super tight.

  • Gets the job done!!! 4

    Posted by ARNOLD GITTENS on Oct 23rd 2020

    Used it on a trip from NY to the Deleware/Maryland boarder, using mainstreets, backstreets, and curvy up and down, tight turns. The Dandy held its own! I rated it 4 Stars and not 5 because I had no other hitch mount tested to compare it to.