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Motorcycle Trailer Hitches


Before you can get a trailer…you have to get hitched.

If you’re thinking of adding the carrying capacity and utility of a trailer to your motorcycle, the first step is choosing the right hitch. While safety and reliability are the most important considerations, we’re still talking about your motorcycle here, so style, looks and design are still important. That’s why we offer a complete family of hitch designs and models.

If you’re a Harley Davidson rider, you might decide to go with the Banner Hitch. It provides the strength and load rating you need in a unique design that enables you to remove the ball mount, making the hitch virtually disappear. If you like receiver hitches, you’ll find the easy-to-install Kennedy model an ideal choice. If it’s value you seek, the Liberty One offers a lightweight solution that’s easy on your bank account. Or, you might go for the nickel chrome plated beauty of the Liberty Hitch II with its heavy-duty steel construction.

No matter which hitch design you choose, we have two products that we believe are essential for safe, easy and smooth riding, while towing a trailer with a motorcycle. You see, unlike a car, or even a trike, your motorcycle is designed to lean into curves. That’s why we offer both the exclusive patented Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch and the Swivel Hitch Coupler to allow your trailer to remain upright while your motorcycle leans. This makes towing safer and easier by avoiding binding, which can cause the trailer to tip or even jackknife.

Once you choose the hitch that suits your bike, your design preferences and your wallet, make your ride safer, easier and smoother with a Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch or Swivel Hitch Coupler. Next choose the perfect trailer. Now, whenever you’re ready to hit the road, you really CAN take it with you.

Contact us: 864-501-4559

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