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Talon Motorcycle Garage Dolly


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Talon Motorcycle Garage Dolly
An Adjustable Bike Mover and Wheel Chock

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You’ve got a truck, a car, some clutter, and barely enough space in the garage for your bike . . . or bikes. You could probably store it in that narrow space between the pick-up and the crossover or maybe even the tight spot against the wall. But the bike leans over too far when supported only by the kickstand, making it nearly impossible to get out of the vehicle without hitting it. And fitting into the wall spot would require an agonizing 1000-point turn attempt.

So, what to do?

Try this: Roll your pride and joy onto a Talon Motorcycle Garage Dolly™ from The USA Trailer Store®. Stand it upright with the integrated tilt-and-secure wheel chock. Then, move it wherever you want with confidence.


Talon MGD™ is built from hardwearing aluminum and brawny steel. Its base, upright, and deck slats are rust-resistant aluminum, and the dolly’s steel cradle is powder-coated to help prevent corrosion. Better still, 22 aluminum deck slats are welded to the dolly’s base, adding strength, stability, and uncompromising support for motorcycles weighing up to 1,300 pounds.


Talon MGD™ travels on four smooth-rolling casters to make maneuvering your bike into tight spots less stressful. These four-inch swivel wheels are large enough for one person to move the dolly alone without getting stuck in cracks or pockmarked cement. And four T-handle-operated rubber-stops impede movement when loading and unloading the dolly.


This motorcycle garage dolly is designed to accommodate a vast assortment of bikes. Just move the cradle position to fit front or rear tires ranging in widths from 80 millimeters to 220 millimeters* with rim diameters from 13 inches to 30 inches. The dolly’s length is adjustable too. At its shortest setting, it measures 90 inches; its maximum length is 94 inches.


More than an adjustable motorcycle dolly, Talon MGD™ is also versatile. Use the dolly as a low-profile motorcycle work stand for cleaning, checking oil levels, or servicing your bike. And by fitting the dolly with two mounting adapter kits (sold separately—not included), you can convert a flatbed trailer to a motorcycle trailer.


Whether space is a luxury or clutter is an issue, reduce Talon’s footprint by removing the upright tire-stop and turning the dolly on its side. Or attach mounting adapters (sold separately—not included) to the wall, remove the casters, and hang it up.


  • Compatible with dirt bikes, café bikes, cruisers, baggers, touring bikes, sport bikes, and superbikes
  • Integrated tilt-and-secure wheel chock stands motorcycles upright without leaning on a kickstand
    • Adjustable chock fits front or rear wheel sizes from 80 millimeters to 220 millimeters wide
    • Accommodates 13-inch to 30-inch wheels
  • Four 4-inch swivel casters—heavy motorcycles can be moved on dolly by one person
    • Smooth-rolling
    • Maneuver motorcycles into tight spots with less stress—no more 1000-point turns
    • Travel over cracks and small holes without getting stuck—unlike similar dollies with smaller wheels
  • Four independent rubber stop brakes stabilize the dolly when loading, unloading, and parked
  • Tie-down locations on caster brackets—for even more stability
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Can be mounted on floors, trailer beds, or walls (storage)—requires mounting adapter kits (sold separately—not included)
  • Use also as a work stand, cleaning station, or trailer chock
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,300 pounds
  • Length (adjustable): 90 inches to 94 inches
  • Deck width: 12 inches
  • Dolly width (at widest point): 27 inches
  • Dolly height: 18 inches


* Motorcycle tire widths are expressed in millimeters.

Motorcycle wheel rim diameters are expressed in inches.

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