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Hot Dog Carts


Is opening a mobile food cart business a silly dream?

For many of us, financial independence, self-reliance, and being our own boss are integral parts of the American Dream. But these days, money is something of which we are keenly aware. In some communities, jobs are really scarce, and financial independence seems out of reach. The thought of starting your own business and being your own boss may seem absurd or silly. But is it? And how would you do it? The answer may surprise you: Hot Dogs.

Hot dogs?

Hot dogs have been around for many years. But to date, exactly when and who first coined the term, “hot dog”, is unknown. What is known, however, is that the first successful hot dog vending business was started on Coney Island in 1867. Soon after that, hot dogs and hot dog vendors sprung up in ball parks and theme parks across the country, then throughout the world. Today, hot dog stands are almost as ubiquitous as the tasty treats themselves. And depending on the business model, the folks who operate them build profitable businesses and are able support themselves as well as their families.

So, the answer to the question, then, is no. Your dream is not absurd; it is not silly. It makes real sense. And whether you’re a new vendor starting a business or a seasoned one upgrading your current equipment, you need carts you can rely on with the features you need for the best value. At The USA Trailer Store, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you purchase Cash Calf, Heritage, or The Big One.

Just the basics

Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum tread plate and stainless steel, all three carts are tough, durable, and bright. Each comes with an eye-catching 6.5’ umbrella NSF approved pans and lids, burners, display cabinet, pantry box, and beverage storage. Sadly, our competitors charge extra for many of these features which are standard on ours. We even give you free tongs and condiment bottles. What’s more, each of these versatile hot dog trailers is outfitted with DOT approved wheels, lights, and a coupler which means they are road-ready and capable of being towed almost as soon as they are unpacked.

For the budget conscious

Typically categorized as an entry-level cart, Cash Calf can definitely hold its own in a crowd of hungry customers. This stripped down version of our popular Heritage cart shares its basic build and is equipped with many of the same standard features, including a an attention-grabbing umbrella and a spacious 1 2/3 steam table stocked with two 1/6 size and four 1/3 size NSF approved pans with lids.

As Cash Calf is our most economically priced vending trailer, it is definitely one to consider if you think your only “new” cart option is finding a gently used hot dog cart for sale on Craigslist. Plus, you can always upgrade features, such as a sink or a sneeze guard, once your business starts making money.

Value packed

Heritage is our premier vending trailer and our bestselling one as well. Here’s why: It’s value-packed. Like Cash Calf, it features a spacious dual-shelf cabinet with sliding doors that can be used for storage or to display products; additional pantry space below the steam table which allows you to sell more and restock less; and integrated beverage storage for selling food and drinks.

But it is the additional features that make Heritage so popular—a stainless steel sink for washing, a pressurized water system with on-demand hot water for better sanitation, and two tanks. Although these may seem like nice conveniences for you and your customers, in some cities, they are the law. So before purchasing a food stand, be sure to review your community’s requirements by contacting your local health department.  

Top Dog

This top-end cart is designed for the entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business. Measuring 6 cubic feet larger than the other carts, The Big One is loaded with all the same features as Heritage—individual flame adjusters, pressurized hot and cold water, external valve, etc. But, we enlarged certain components or used even more durable materials to better withstand the demands of a higher traffic business. For example, we increased the steam table from 1 2/3 size to 1 5/6 size. Instead of giving it two stainless steel gas burners, The Big One is equipped with three cast iron burners. And rather than fitting it with one stainless steel sink, this big hot dog cart has four basins.

Its most unique feature, however, is the tow bar. Since the bar is really long and only utilized while the cart is in tow, we made it detachable. Simply remove the hitch pin and store the bar beneath the cart. Doing so eliminates the possibility of you or a patron tripping over it. Also unique to The Big One is the option to add the 40” rear cooler rack upgrade which can accommodate 100+ quart cooler.


Businesses grow and needs change which is why we offer a wide range of upgrades and accessories. Depending on the model you choose, consider adding a sneeze guard, sink, prep shelf, hot water heater, or one of our other options.

Built on trust

Searching the digital classifieds for used hot dog stands may result in some seemingly good deals. S E E M I N G L Y. But what do you know about the sellers, or the quality of the trailers? Can you trust them? Trust is why there are so many of our trailers on the road today. When you shop with us, you get brand new high-quality hot dog trailers at the best prices online with five-star customer service. Our consumer reviews reflect that. Tony G. writes, “…5-stars...customer service, my friends.” Michael X. adds, “…high quality construction! I would recommend this company to anyone!”

*Before purchasing a hot dog cart, be sure to contact your local health department to obtain mobile vending requirements.

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