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Pinnacle Stainless Steel Warewashing Station

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Pinnacle Stainless Steel Warewashing Station™ A Portable 3-Compartment Sink with White Doors + On-Demand Hot Water Shipping $249   Whether you’re an elite pro chili master hosting…
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Pinnacle Stainless Steel Warewashing Station

A Portable 3-Compartment Sink with White Doors + On-Demand Hot Water

Shipping $249


Whether you’re an elite pro chili master hosting pop-ups in Central Texas, a mobile bartender crafting cocktails in the Ozark River Valley, or a modest hot dog cart vender in a coastal food hall, you all share an essential truth: The health and safety of your customers hinge on your utensils, dishware, and glassware being clean and sanitary. Furthermore, the well-being of your company depends on you meeting local health department mandates, which, in most states, require the use of a three-compartment sink.*

So, how do you follow the law if your business or pop-up location doesn’t have a compliant sink, plumbing, or the ability to add either? Invest in a Pinnacle Stainless Steel Warewashing Station™ and put a sink where you need it.

Stainless Steel Advantage

Pinnacle is manufactured with 304 stainless steel. This food-grade material is durable, rust-resistant, and hygienic. The metal is non-porous, so there are no open spaces for harmful germs and bacteria to settle into.1 Additionally, its smooth surface is easily cleaned and sanitized, which also helps keep it free of those illness-causing pathogens.

Exceeds Expectations

The wash, rinse, and sanitize basins are 22-gauge stainless steel, which is 23.5% thicker than similar 24-gauge pans (lower gauge, thicker metal).2 Each 18/8 composite-compartment measures 12 ⅛″ L x 6 ⅛″ W x 5″ D and is equipped with a bar drain and basket strainer that meet NSF standards.* Set behind the sink is a hot-and-cold-water faucet. The chrome-look fixture boasts an 12-inch swivel spout and ADA-compliant wrist-action handles. Integrated into the station is a liquid hand soap dispenser. Counter-mounted dispensers are more convenient than bottle detergent.

Enclosed Cabinet

The 93-lb station (empty weight) measures 26″ L x 18 ¾″ W x 33″ H and rolls on 5-inch swivel casters. These four locking wheels make it easy for one person to maneuver the three-basin sink and secure it by foot.

Housed within the cabinet are heating, electrical, and plumbing components. To access them, disengage the keyless lock and open the laminated doors-with-handles.

Heating + Plumbing

Freshwater is stored in a 5-gallon tank. When the cold-water valve is opened, the commercial electric pump pushes room temperature water through the system and out the gooseneck spout. Thermostat-regulated water flows when the hot water valve is opened. The on-demand water is adjustable from 86° to 122° Fahrenheit.

Wastewater drains from each basin through vinyl tubing down into the gray water tank. 

Pre-plumbed + Pre-wired

The power source, water pump, on-demand water heater, and plumbing are pre-installed. To begin operating your three-compartment sink station, you’ll need to attach the gooseneck spout and wrist-action faucet handles, fasten the laminate door handles, hook up the quick-connect hose, and remove the protective film from the stainless steel.


Suggested Add-On Available at Checkout

Splash Guard with Towel Dispenser (coming soon): Designed to reduce cross-contamination by keeping dirty water away from surfaces that contact food, the one-piece backsplash wraps around the sides and back of the station’s counter. The paper towel dispenser is pre-mounted to the stainless-steel guard, which is 17 inches tall.



  • Stainless steel counter
    • dimensions: 26″ L x 18″ W
    • meets NSF standards*
    • easy-clean smooth surface—wipe away germs and bacteria
    • integrated soap dispenser
  • 3 Stainless steel basins
    • interior bowl dimensions: 12 ⅛″ L x 6 ⅛″ W x 5″ D 
    • meet NSF standards*
    • 22-gaugelower gauge, thicker metal
    • 18/8 composition
    • non-porous metal—easy to sanitize
    • rust-resistant
  • Stainless steel cabinet with laminate doors
    • gooseneck spout and ADA handles must be attached
    • dimensions: 26″ L x 18 ¾″ W x 38 ⅝″ H (height includes wheels, but not the faucet or optional splashguard)
    • 93 lb. empty weight—can be lifted and transported by one person
    • 18-gauge stainless steel panels
    • 16-gauge stainless steel bottom
    • resistant to stains and mold
    • easy to clean
    • keyless locking cabinet
    • white laminate doors with black trim
    • door handles must be attached
    • 5-Inch locking swivel casters (4)—smooth rolling and secure
    • For indoor use only
  • 12-inch commercial swivel spout on hot-and-cold-water faucet
    • Hot and cold water are required by most health departments.*
    • high-rise, taller users don’t have to bend over as far
    • tubular spout design adds more space to sink area, unlike similar products with low, residential-style spouts
    • wrist action faucet handles—meets ADA standards
    • chrome-look finish
  • Stiebel Eltron Mini™ 2.1 tankless electric water heater
    • Hot and cold water are required by most health departments.*
    • on-demand at point of use
    • 0.5 gpm pressure compensating flow reducer / aerator
    • adjustable thermostat from 86°–122° Fahrenheit
    • 1,800W / 15A
    • certified to ANSI/UL Std. 499
  • Beveled bar drains (see images in gallery)
    • required by most health departments*
    • faster draining
    • basket strainers—FREE
  • SHURflo® 8005-733-155 Demand Pump
    • 1.5 gpm flow rate
    • high-quality
    • self-priming
    • back flow protection*
    • NSF and CSA listed
    • UL recognized
  • Pex hoses with connectors
    • pre-installed
    • quieter water flow
    • certified to meet ASTM F876/F877 and CSA B137.5 standards polyethylene
    • water lines—NSF 61 and NSF 372
    • water connectors—NSF 51 and NSF 61
  • 5-Gallon freshwater tank—included
    • actual tank
    • no bottle needed
    • FDA Certified
  • Wastewater tank—included
    • 15% larger than fresh water tank
    • required by most health departments*
    • FDA Certified
  • Line cords—included
    • GFCI adapter plug protects from electrical shocks
    • 20A power cord
  • Great for use with food and beverage businesses, such as concession stands, mobile vending and catering carts, kiosks, food trucks, and hot dog carts.




  • The sink system will be shipped via FedEx Ground®.
  • Handling time is 3–5 days. Transit time varies by your location.
  • If shipping to a business, the establishment must be open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • To help protect your purchase from scuffs, scratches, and damage during shipping and set-up, the surface of your stainless-steel sink station is covered with a protective film. You’ll want to remove it before using your sink. We’ve peeled a bit of the film from the top four corners to get you started.

Health department regulations are not the same in every city and state. Contact your local government agency to determine applicable requirements before purchasing any sinks or components.

Pinnacle Stainless Steel Warewashing Station™ is intended for indoor use only.

1 “7 Benefits of Stainless Steel: Why Stainless Steel Is so Good: SRS,” SRS Group, October 11, 2022,

2 “Sheet Metal Wire Gauge Sizes Data Chart: Gage Sizes Table Chart: Engineers Edge.” Engineers Edge - Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions. Accessed July 11, 2023.

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