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Eclipse Dump Truck Trailer Tarp Kit and System





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Starting at $99.70 - Our Dump Truck Tarping system comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from, from 5x8 tarp & reaching up to 7x16.

Eclipse Dump Truck Trailer Tarp System



At sometime or another, each of us has been on the highway behind a truck hauling dirt, sand, gravel, tree branches, or even rocks - knowing that at any moment unrestrained debris might fly off of that truck and crack our windshield. We know how frightening that can be - especially if we have the kids or other loved ones in the car.

Now, get this: there is no federal law that requires truck drivers to cover loose loads with a tarp; and not every state has a law requiring coverage either. However, every state does have a litter law. Do you really want to risk possible fines? Moreover, would you or one of your drivers really want to be the cause of an accident?

Avoid violations, fines, and most importantly, injury by covering your load with an Eclipse Dump Truck Tarp System from the USA Trailer Store. The Eclipse Dump Truck Tarp System is a high quality, safe solution to securing those industrial, farm, and even personal hauls. It comes complete with a heavy-duty, polypropylene, mesh tarp; tubular steel rods; lock collars; manual crank; detent latch to prevent unrolling; and a standard 2" pocket for the FREE Rear Anti-Sail Bar (brackets and lock collar also included)

Note: When selecting the proper tarp size, know that the width should not extend outside the width of the cab shield or bulkhead. In addition, the tarp length should typically be 2"- 3" longer than the body and the cab shield length.

Available Sizes: (Select your desired size above)

  • 5' x 8' - $99.70
  • 6' x 14' - $128.80
  • 6' x 17' - $144.50
  • 6'8" x 15' - $144.50
  • 6'8" x 18' - $161.30
  • 7' x 16' - $161.30

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  1. Good Value Good Value -

    Eclipse Dump Truck Trailer Tarp Kit and System

    Posted by P.Carr on Jul 2nd 2018

    For the price it’s a winner. I am very happy with my purchase. Easy to install, rolls up good.

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