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  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with Hydraulic Brakes with spare parts
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  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly Stand-up for Storage
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with Hydraulic Brakes
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with self-adjusting Hydraulic Brakes
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly Front View
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with side angled view
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with front view
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with spare parts
  • Simply bolt on the fenders
  • EZ-HAUL Car tow dolly for stand-up storage
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with self-adjusting Hydraulic Brakes
  • Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly inside view

Galvanized EZ Haul Car Tow Dolly with Hydraulic Brakes





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Our production times vary depending on the time of year. Please reach out to us so we can provide an approximate shipping date. The EZ Haul with Brakes is an extremely popular product and we do sell out often. Order now to ensure you get your trailer when you need it.


EZ Load. EZ Tow. EZ Store.

Flat Rate Shipping Cost of $499.00*

(Flat fee shipping does not apply to CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. Customers in these states are better served by contacting Tow Smart Trailers – Click Here) 

EZ-Haul Car Tow Dollies are only sold on our sites.
If you don’t get them from us, you don’t have the real deal.

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Stringent Construction Standards

Weighing only 380 lb., EZ-Haul™ is almost half the weight of other car tow dollies for sale, making it a much easier trailer to handle. Don’t be fooled by its light weight though. Built to The USA Trailer Store’s stringent construction standards, this galvanized steel tow dolly transports vehicles with curb weights up to 5000 lb. And using the secure hook and slot ramp attachment, it accommodates cars and trucks up to 78" wide just by moving the ramp positions.

Galvanized Finish

The process of galvanizing involves coating the steel in layers of zinc. For EZ-Haul buyers, this means you’re getting a stand-up car tow dolly that’s hardwearing and rust-resistant.

Self-adjusting Hydraulic Brakes

EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly is equipped with a Trailer Buddy® actuator and hydraulic disc brakes. These self-adjusting brakes are self-contained and low maintenance. In contrast, electric brakes need adjustments each time the load on the tow dolly changes. They also require the installation of a control box to operate them. Hydraulic disc brakes are easy. The amount of force applied to the trailer brakes is directly proportional to the amount of force generated by the tow vehicle—no adjustments, no buttons.

Stand and Store™

When the dolly is not in use, stand it up and store it on its end. This smaller footprint allows your trailer and motorhome to fit into almost any RV lot. Then, after returning from your adventures, stand and store it in your garage, carport, or driveway. With the easy-to-install casters kit, maneuvering into those tight spaces is a hassle-free mission.

The EZ-Haul Casters Kit™ (US Patent 11,420,696) is sold separately—not included. But, it is available as an add-on at checkout or on our website.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Hydraulic disc brake system
    • UFP Trailer Buddy® A-60 Actuator
    • UFP Trailer Buddy® Disc Brakes—low maintenance and self-adjusting
    • Emergency breakaway cable
  • 2" Ball Coupler
  • 4-pin Flat Connector
  • 2 Safety chains
  • 2 Wheel straps & ratchets—included
    • Note: straps provided fit most 14” to 17” standard wheels. The dolly will accommodate larger wheels, but different straps will be required
  • 2 Redundant security chain—included
  • Transports cars, trucks, SUVs with curb weights up to 5000lb. and 3,000lb. over the axle
  • 2 Galvanized steel ramps
  • 12" Steel Wheels—internally balanced
  • ST145 R12 10 Ply E-rated Radial Tires
  • DOT approved LED taillights—LED lights last longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Premium galvanized finish—ensures rust-free protection for years to come
  • Genuine Bearing Buddy No. 1980A
  • Stand-and-store design—takes up less space in RV lot

You must check with your automobile’s manufacturer to determine whether or not your vehicle can be towed using a tow dolly. Things to consider:

  1. Never tow a vehicle with the rear wheels on the tow dolly.
  2. Your car’s steering wheel must be unlocked when towing. Even when the steering wheel appears to be unlocked, some automobile steering wheels will lock when turned to the far right or left. To ensure that this does not happen, you may be required to leave the ignition in the accessory position/mode. Check with your automobile’s manufacturer to determine the correct actions to prevent the steering wheel from locking.
  3. Determine whether your automobile’s transmission should be placed in park or neutral. If the transmission must remain in neutral for towing, then determine the required ignition setting to ensure that the transmission remains in neutral while in tow.
  4. Some automobiles require that you disconnect a battery terminal to ensure that the automobile remains in neutral and that the steering wheel remains unlocked. You may also be able to accomplish this by removing the ignition fuse. In either scenario, you may lose your automobile’s settings, so you may want to use a memory saver or memory keeper. These plug into your automobile’s 12V power supply/cigarette lighter.
  5. All-wheel drive automobiles require careful consideration.

*The $499 flat rate shipping does not apply to the following states CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. Please contact us for an exact shipping rate 864-501-4559.

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  1. Arrived Very Fast Arrived Very Fast -

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 10th 2022

    Very fast shipping and delivery from time of order. Soft materials (axle bearing dust cover and hand grip cushion) were damaged during shipping, but the parts that matter were all accounted for and intact. Can’t wait to use it with my RV.

  2. Good decision Good decision -

    Posted by Tom Hincy on Jul 16th 2021

    Was debating between buying at this company and a couple other companies. This company was very professional and delivered as promised and on time. Also provided all the paperwork needed to ensure you hook the dolly up correctly. I would definitely recommend them based on my purchase.

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