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Designed to give you a superior bagger look and more wind protection than our standard Honda VTX Fairing. Throw in more space for a bigger amp and better sound.     Fits the followi…
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Designed to give you a superior bagger look and more wind protection than our standard Honda VTX Fairing.

Throw in more space for a bigger amp and better sound.  


Fits the following models:

  • Honda 1300 VTX 1300C
  • Honda 1300 VTX 1300R (S) Retro
  • Honda 1300 VTX 1300T Tourer
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800C
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800F
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800N
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800R (Retro)
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800S
  • Honda 1800 VTX 1800T (Tourer)

Important Fitment Details:

Fits the following

  • '02 and newer VTX 1800
  • '03 and newer VTX 1300

Note: Will NOT fit the Fury, Interstate, or Stateline Models.

Note: works with stock turn signals, does not work with Driving Lights/Turn Signals  


  • Both Inner and Outer Pieces Included
  • Accommodates 4 – 5 ¼”  Round Speakers (depending on model)
  • Heavy - Duty Construction
  • Protective Gelcoat
  • similar to compounds used on marine craft and aircraft
  • battles ultraviolet degradation
  • NOT a primer like the competitor uses
  • Paintable
  • FREE Windshields Included - 1 each clear and tinted
  • True Hand Laid Fiberglass (not chopper gun) – lighter and STRONGER than plastic.

NOTE:  The brackets provided are designed to fit the widest possible range of bikes.  Please note that, in some instances, you may be required to drill new bracket mounting holes in the fairing, use washers as shims or even purchase additional aftermarket mounting brackets.


4 Speaker Model:  
Speaker Opening Dimensions: 4 3/4’’ Diameter 2 1/4’’ Deep
Overall Dimensions (without windshield): 39 1/2” L x 12 1/2” W x 18” H
Windshield Height: 5 1/2’’H
Windshield Colors: One each Clear AND Tinted
Material: Hand Laid Fiberglass
Finish: Gelcoat
Color: Black
  • Ok 4

    Posted by Pat on Sep 10th 2021

    The inner and outer fairing does not line up the outer hangs over all the way around looks awful. When Un boxed packaging was fine and fairing was wrapped up but the fairing had 3 deep scraths on outer fairing

  • Fits my VTX1800F with bracket modification 4

    Posted by Jon on Mar 12th 2021

    Arrived within a few days! Opening the box exposed a portion of the fairing that broke through the styrofoam packing material but luckly there was no visible damage. Mine came with scratches on the inside of the headlight well as if someone may have returned it after their headlight mounting bolts rested against it. Good thing you dont see those when installed on the bike so i can live with them. I had to cut and grind down the upper and lower portions on the fork mounting brackets as the holes did not line up properly and lower portion rubbed against lower steering tube area. The fairing does rattle a little while riding but this might be fixed with some rubber washers between the fairing and the fairing brackets and adding some more foam tape to where the inner and outer halves meet. The windscreen bolts are slightly too long and the acorn nuts do not tighten all the way even with all 4 of the supplied washers so I will be getting shorter bolts. I will be making a metal strip to place along the front and backside of the windscreen mounting bolt area to add support to the fiberglass because it flexes inward where each bolt goes through to secure windscreen and that bugs me a little. Overall this is a good buy and I would recommend it to anyone with some experience with a grinder or saw with a little know how to finesse it for the best fitment. The fiberglass looks professional and sturdy but also doesnt add alot of weight to the bike. I wish there were options for the inner half to omit the radio and speaker openings and exhange them for storage compartments as i ride with a Sena communicator/bluetooth headset that i listen to music with and dont plan on installing a radio. I also would like to see add-on switchable lower fairings that mount to the batwing to extend wind blockage even further. Thank you for having this product available at this pricepoint!!

  • Excellent product! 5

    Posted by Eric S, Seminole FL on Jun 2nd 2020

    What an awesome product! Received this just a couple of days ago after waiting about 3 weeks. Definitely worth the wait. Everything about this fairing screams quality. I ordered the fairing with the radio and speakers installed and am impressed with the attention to detail. The only issue I have is with the instruction sheet. It's very faded and difficult to read. This document should be available on your website. Luckily, I found an online tutorial for installation. I am eager to get this installed and start listening to tunes while cruising. Bluetooth is built in at no cost (unlike a certain unnamed competitor who charges extra) The great thing is everything is included! From the mounting brackets, bolts and wiring to the finished gel-coat surface ready for priming and paint. Thank you for such a well built fairing.