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Double Duty Camper Tent Trailer

Posted by Peter M on May 4th 2015

Double Utility Trailer

It’s a tent! It’s a trailer! It’s Double Duty!

There are trailers and there are tents. There are even trailers that also have tents. But, the new Double Duty from The USA Trailer Store takes both the tent and the trailer to a new level. The following is a review of some of the key features that make this Camper Tent Trailer stand out.

  • More affordable
  • Easier to store
  • Sets up in minutes

Often, when you find a product that’s designed to do more than one thing, you discover it doesn’t do any one of them particularly well. The new Double Duty from the USA Trailer Store does two things extremely well. It serves as a utility trailer and a large, comfortable camping tent. And, it does both better than most products designed for each specific purpose.

It’s a better tent because it is set up off the ground and includes a seven-foot-tall center section and raised seating/sleeping areas. It’s a better trailer because it has an ingenious second level of storage and a lightweight, low profile design. What’s more, Double Duty includes ramps at no additional cost. These are costly extras on other trailers. In addition to helping load heavy, wheeled items, like ATVs, the ramps serve as steps when using Double Duty as a tent.

The Tent

On the way to the campground, the tent fits into a compact storage bag, so you can carry lots of sports equipment, bedding and other camping necessities. If needed, the bed platforms can be used to create a second storage area approximately 12 inches above the main trailer bed. This upper layer is perfect for bicycles, kayaks and whatever else you need to take along.

When you’re ready to camp, attach the bed platforms so they extend from the sides of the trailer, then quickly set up the tent forming a roomy space with a seven-foot high center area, two raised bed/seating platforms and 81 square feet of total space.

The Trailer

Double Duty is a great utility trailer made even more useful because it can be configured to have two levels. This “double-decker” design is useful whether you’re camping or not. Instead of just piling things on top of each other, you have two separate layers. This means you don’t have to worry about crushing items carried lower in the load. If you’re doing landscape work, for example, you can carry mulch, soil and other materials on the bottom layer and put your rakes, hoes and tools on top. Just be sure to firmly secure everything.

Lightweight, Low Profile Design

Unlike some competitors, Double Duty has a low profile. The reduced height makes it less conspicuous when parked. And, because it’s lightweight, you don’t need a monster truck to tow it.

The basic idea of putting a tent on a trailer is not new, however after reviews of similar products, it’s clear that the Double Duty takes the concept to another level.