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Discovery and Heritage - The same, only different…

Feb 13th 2017

Our trailers are all designed for the same purpose: to allow you to take more stuff along with you in a safe, easy, good looking trailer specifically designed to be towed by a motorcycle, trike or small car. This is clearly true of the Discovery and Heritage models – two popular trailers. We thought it might be useful to take a look at some of the special features they share. Features that help make them outstanding values.

A new arrival

By the way, these special features will be shared by a new addition to our motorcycle trailer line called Vision. It’s due in a few months, so be sure to stay tuned.

Among the many features these trailers share are hand laid fiberglass construction and a tough gelcoat finish that looks great the way it is, but also provides a smooth surface for your favorite paint professional to customize. Both models also provide lockable, easy to access storage compartments that are carpeted to help protect the contents. They use motorcycle-style wheels to save weight, look great and ride smoothly.

Discovery and Heritage share a couple of other features that are worth a bit more attention, because towing a trailer with a motorcycle is not the same as towing a trailer with a car. The reason is simple: Motorcycles lean into turns, cars (and trikes) do not. In fact, when used on a motorcycle, a standard trailer hitch can bind, possibly causing the trailer to de-couple, swerve or even jackknife.

A couple of couplers

We have two excellent solutions to this problem and, when you buy a Discovery or Heritage trailer, you can select the one that best fits your needs.

The freedom to pivot

If you prefer to order your Discover or Heritage trailer with a traditional trailer coupler, we offer a unique hitch ball that prevents the coupler from binding as the bike leans into a turn. The Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch is a 1-7/8" ball hitch that pivots from side to side, so the ball stays upright as the bike leans. This keeps the trailer stable while maneuvering through turns. You can see the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch in action in this video.

The assembly bolts directly to the standard hitch on your motorcycle, so it’s a snap to install. And, since the Freedom Pivot Ball Hitch puts the ability to tilt at the hitch, it works perfectly with the standard coupler on any trailer that’s safe to tow with a motorcycle.

The Heim maneuver

Our newest “lean” solution is the Heim joint swivel coupler, also known as a rod end bearing or, in the UK, a Rose joint. This component places the ability to swivel on both the coupler and the hitch. It looks like the connection you might find on certain components in automotive steering or suspension systems. Tie rods are a perfect example. It’s essentially a ball held within a sleeve and allowed to rotate 360 degrees. A channel is drilled through the ball enabling it to slide over a pin which bolts to a standard hitch support, replacing the ball.

A key advantage of the Heim joint is that, in addition to allowing the motorcycle to lean into turns, the pin hitch connection virtually eliminates fore and aft movement, so you don’t get that odd pushing and pulling sensation you can often feel with a standard hitch when you accelerate or decelerate. This means you won’t feel a “bump” as you begin to move from a standing stop and you’ll never feel that the trailer is pushing the motorcycle as you slow down. It’s a more positive and solid connection than a standard ball hitch. Many riders say it’s possible to forget the trailer is there, because the connection is so solid.

Smooth from the inside out

Discovery and Heritage are designed to ride low to the ground, for smooth towing. The smooth ride is enhanced by the super stiff chassis and adjustable hydraulic shocks which can be customized for each load using a progressive air pump. The suspension system also includes a sway bar. The result is the kind of adjustability and superior ride quality you would expect to find on trailers costing significantly more.

If you’re looking for high-end quality materials, solid construction and an incredibly smooth ride, check out Discover, Heritage and the all-new Vision, coming soon. Now get out there and ride!