Original Slick Wheelie

The Original Slick Wheelie Motorcycle Hauler

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Like many innovative products, The Original Slick Wheelie is being counterfeited. Authentic Slick Wheelies are sold only by The USA Trailer Store. The USA Trailer Store will not be held liab…
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Like many innovative products, The Original Slick Wheelie is being counterfeited. Authentic Slick Wheelies are sold only by The USA Trailer Store. The USA Trailer Store will not be held liable for failures associated with these counterfeits.

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Actual customer comments:

  • "Ingenious Idea"
  • "Quick Shipping, great towing bar, easy to install

The Slick Wheelie attaches in seconds to a 2" Class II or Class III receiver, and its all steel construction allows for this unit to haul bikes with a curb weight of up to 1000 lbs. Other transports require you to struggle with pushing your bike up a ramp. Not this baby!

It's as easy as...

1. Simply turn the crank and the cradle lowers to ground level

2. Insert and secure the front wheel. Then,

3. Turn the crank in the opposite direction to raise the bike to the transport position.

Really. It's just that simple.

So Many Reasons to buy

  • Less expensive than a bulky trailer
  • More money for gas in your tank
  • No time or money spent on tags or registration
  • More money for gas in your tank
  • No additional storage costs
  • More money for gas in your tank
  • No tires means no maintenance
  • More money for gas in your tank
  • No heavy trailer to haul or maneuver
  • More money for gas in your tank
  • Includes 2 - 2" ratcheting straps with hooks.
  • Assembles and installs in minutes.
  • The entire unit weighs a very manageable 32 lbs. and measures 40"x8"x9"
  • You can store it in your trunk or behind your seat in your car!
  • Note-This unit will not accommodate bike tires greater than 5 1/2" wide. 


  • 1 yr Warranty


Free Shipping


Do you have questions about this product? If so, take a look at some of The Slick Wheelie's FAQs.

Do I need lights on my motorcycle when towing with the Slick Wheelie?

Research indicates that because the Slick Wheelie is not a traditional trailer and the towing automobile's lights are not obstructed, additional lights are not needed. For safety, however, we offer two suggestions:

1.When driving at night, illuminate the motorcycle's running lights or purchase an inexpensive trailer lighting kit. These kits easily plug into your trailer lighting receptacle.

2.Check with your local law enforcement agency for regulations specific to your location (Laws sometimes change without the knowledge of some citizens.)

Will this type of towing affect my odometer reading?

Most odometers function in conjunction with the front tire. The front tire is elevated while in tow, so the odometer does not register any additional mileage. That being said, there are exceptions to any rule. Please refer to your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer with regards to your bike.

What kind of bike can be used with the Slick Wheelie?

Most 2 wheeled motorcycles can easily be towed with the Slick Wheelie. Trikes and side cars do not allow for the lean necessary for turning. There are 3 minimum requirements:

1.The front tire must allow for a strap to wrap around the rim, so there needs to be an opening.

2.The stabilizer straps must be able to attach to the handlebars or upper triple-tree - not the forks.

3.Custom raked front ends cannot extend more than 3 or 4 inches over the original stock lengths.

Image of wheel that is compatible with Slick Wheelie Image of wheel tht is NOT compatible with Slick Wheelie

Can it be used with a motorcycle that has fairings or wind effects?

More often than not, a point of anchor can be found. Remember that the straps need either attach to the upper triple-tree or handle bars. Do NOT attach the straps to the forks. You cannot place straps over OR wrap around fairings, windshields, or anything that may interfere with the attaching of the motorcycle to the bumper. The straps that connect the motorcycle to the tow vehicle must be taut. As fairings and windshields can bend or break, attaching to either one may cause the straps to slip and become loose.

What size front tire will it accept?

Slick Wheelie will accommodate a front tire up to 5 1/2 inches in width - 6 inches, if you reduce the psi.

What is the weight capacity for the Slick Wheelie?

1000 pounds

Is there a particular bumper height that works best with The Original Slick Wheelie?

The bumper of the tow vehicle must measure 12'' - 16'' in height from the ground to the center of the receiver opening. If it does not, a drop receiver extension can be used.

Do you make a version of the Slick Wheelie that will fit a 1 1/4" receiver?

Slick Wheelie may not be used with a Class I receiver which has a 1.25'' square opening. If you have a Class I adapter, DO NOT use it with The Original Slick Wheelie. A Class I adapter is a device used to convert a Class I receiver to a Class II receiver. This adapter is not stable enough to work in conjunction with The Original Slick Wheelie. Although some internet sites may suggest the use of the two products together, DO NOT.

Using the Slick Wheelie, can I transport my shaft-driven motorcycle?

We have not received any reports from our consumers regarding any problems associated with the use of Slick Wheelie and shaft-driven motorcycles. However, know that some shaft-driven motorcycles use a lubrication pump that requires that the motor be running in order for it to work properly. Should you have any doubt or concern about your specific model, please contact your motorcycle manufacturer, authorized mechanic or dealer.

Will my motorcycle be damaged if I don't remove the drive chain before towing?

As with any engine concern, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you contact the service department of your bike specific dealership.

Can I purchase more than one Slick Wheelie?

Absolutely! Buy two or three. The Original Slick Wheelie makes an AWESOME gift!

  • Great product and work just right 5

    Posted by John Tellez on May 31st 2020

    First time that I used, was a little concerned if it would work but after a few miles feel comfortable driving, but it work just right, great product.

  • Solid little pull behind. I love it! 5

    Posted by Wayne H on May 21st 2020

    This little thing worked like a charm. I just don't have the money to buy full trailer. It's a solid little design that's built tough. If you have a fat cruiser like mine, it leans really low in the corners and may drag. Take wide turns and you'll be fine. Make sure your strapped in good too. Love this little thing. Saved me a ton of $.

  • Excellent Product! 5

    Posted by Mark, '74 Suzuki GT380 on May 5th 2020

    I've only used it once so far but it worked as expected. Set-up was super easy and like other users recommended, I greased the threads to make cranking a lot easier. My first turn with it was down a steep slope and 90 degree turn at the end of my alley. I made it fine but had no readjust the straps after that. I knew if it survived that, I'd be home free thereafter. Way cheaper and easier to store than a trailer.

  • As expected 5

    Posted by Unknown on May 1st 2020

    Fast shipping, with res great for its intended purpose.

  • This Thing Works! 5

    Posted by Dave on Apr 18th 2020

    Just hauled my Road Star 1700 from Denver to Boise with no issues. Glad I read comments beforehand about the bike leaning in turns before I actually saw it happening when towing. Its freaky to watch, but totally normal and the bike remains secure. Great product in a compact and efficient package. Like others, would like to see a more robust screw and crank, but it does work fine.

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  • Awesome 5

    Posted by Christopher Collins on Apr 4th 2020

    This thing is great. It took me 15 mins to unbox, install, and load my motorcycle. It didn’t come with instructions but if you have a little common sense it’s ez pz.

  • Great product 5

    Posted by Kevin on Mar 16th 2020

    Just to get feel for the 'wheelie', loaded up my '95 Shadow ACE, and took a trip around the block. Was a little unsettling watching it lean during the turns, but as other reviews stated, it worked perfectly. Picked up another bike last weekend, and the set up for the second time was less than half the time. Came back home via the interstate and had no issues staying up with traffic. Bike pulled exactly as it was supposed to; even had someone stop me and ask about the 'wheelie', so you'll probably have another customer soon. Don't have to think about trailer storage; which is definitely a ;plus.

  • Not compatable with all motorcycles 3

    Posted by Goob West on Nov 7th 2019

    I have a 2017 BMW R1200 GSA. The bike has a telever front suspension(forks are not independent). The bike has a huge gas tank (approx. 8 gallons). It also has much plastic to deflect the wind. I could not get the straps to the handlebars without removing much hardware. I was scared to watch the bike lean towards the ground as I drove around a corner. The slick wheelie will not work for that bike. I believe that it would work well for a different motorcycle.

  • Best investment this year 5

    Posted by joe kennedy on Oct 9th 2019

    I had taken a trailer to load a VW trike but it wouldn’t fit. I found this product online and purchased. Delivered quick, was easy to assemble and worked like a champ. Stored on a hook in the garage for future use. I recommend to anyone needing to move a bike.