6" extended saddlebags with lids combo

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A Set of Bags With Lids  6" Extended for Harley-Davidson™ Fits Bagger, Dresser, and Touring Models 1993 to 2013 Retail $795.00     Do You Want Satisf…
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A Set of Bags With Lids

 6" Extended for Harley-Davidson™

Fits Bagger, Dresser, and Touring Models 1993 to 2013

Retail $795.00  


Do You Want Satisfactory or Best?

There is a great deal of debate in the marketplace about whether or not hand laid fiberglass is better than ABS. Some sellers may argue that because Harley-Davidson uses ABS it must be a better material, but the consumer MUST question Harley’s choice. Perhaps they chose ABS because the raw materials are less expensive than fiberglass or because the manufacturing process is cheaper and less labor intensive when producing in bulk. Regardless, the benefits of the process and choice of material seem to be stacked in favor of the manufacturer and not the consumer. Nonetheless, ABS products are satisfactory, but do you want satisfactory or best?


ABS is a common thermoplastic.  Manufacturers either inject the heated compound into a mold or use molded halves to press the heated plastic into the desired shape. The results from either process are satisfactory. However, ABS plastic tends to be brittle; therefore, saddlebags that use this material are not as tough as their hand laid fiberglass counterparts. Furthermore, if ABS is cracked or damaged, repairs are difficult, costly, and rarely return the plastic to its original state.  Fiberglass, however, is more durable than ABS and repairs to it can be easily made by almost anyone.    

We Know Best

Hand laid fiberglass is made by combining resin with woven glass mat that is then placed by hand and sculpted into the desired shape. The thickness of the weave is meticulously controlled and the glass to resin ratio is high. The end results are hardwearing products that are built to last. Many marine craft manufacturers use this process to ensure that the boats they build can endure the stresses of unforeseen water hazards such as rocks and sandbars as well as withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. The use of fiberglass is also common in the construction of aircraft. In order for planes to be successful, they must be light enough to stay airborne and strong enough to battle high speeds and adverse weather. Moreover, they must meet stringent federal safety regulations. 

Saddlebags constructed using the hand laid method are the heaviest-duty and most durable. They are tough. They ARE the best. They are from The USA Trailer Store™.

High quality glass mat and resin are combined by hand to produce genuine hand laid fiberglass that is then molded and primed to create the bags. The lids are also created through the same arduous process and primed.


  • Fits 1993 to 2013 Bagger, Dresser, and Touring Models
  • Classic Harley Saddlebag Design
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Paintable - definitely recommended
  • Repairable
  • Compatible with 1993 to 2013 Harley Style OEM hardware, hinges, latches, and lids (NOT INCLUDED)
  • True Hand Laid Fiberglass (not chopper gun) – lighter and STRONGER than plastic

Our Extended Saddlebags come primed.  Take them to a local custom paint shop to perfectly match that killer color on your bike!



32''(L) x 9''(W) x 17.5''(H)

Hand Laid Fiberglass

Flat Gray Primer

Flat Gray Primer

High quality glass mat and resin are combined by hand to produce genuine hand laid fiberglass that is then molded and primed to create the .

Note: Although the saddlebags are light, the box in which they are transported is large.  In such instances, our shipping service provider bases the transportation costs on the dimensions of the box; therefore, shipping costs on this item may be higher than some of our other products. Please know that we do not profit from shipping.

**Please Read: All fiberglass components are hand laid and there will be minor imperfections from time to time, including the opening varying by +/- 1/8”.  We do everything possible to prevent these from occurring, however a thorough inspection and bodywork may be required before painting. 

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